I am honored to serve as Sequoia Stamp Club’s President for 2017. We begin the year in a great position for growth, education, and fellowship thanks to the tireless work and thoughtful contributions of Craig Butterworth, Jim Giacomazzi, our other officers, and Governing Board, both in 2016 and in many past years. Our auctions, approval books, youth program, and other services run incredibly well. But this naturally leads me to think: what can we do in 2017 to enrich the club?

Here are some possibilities. During one meeting per month, I’d like to hear from those of you who are involved in national or international specialty societies such as USSS, USPCS, and others. Tell us about the activities of those groups, how you have participated, or something you have learned. If you’re involved in analytical philately or other aspects of technical philately, teach us about it by offering a program presentation; we have a continuing need for program presenters.

Next, I’d like to hear from those who are connected to the live auction beat – either news about interesting material coming up at auction or your bidding successes. I’d like to hear about shows you’ve attended outside the area sponsored by APS, ASDA, or others. If you travel, tell us about your stamp-related destinations. I’d love to increase the percentage of Sequoia members who are APS members because APS is making a great leap forward right now. And finally, I’d like to see, at every other meeting, a display of stamps, covers or other material that you have collected. Even a single item is welcome for display so we can all learn more about what you collect.

Those are a few ideas from me, but I am also keen to know your thoughts about what you want from the club, so please let me know your ideas me via email at chris_palermo95125@yahoo.com. The collecting hobby is stronger than ever and I’m delighted to join the journey with you in 2017.

Thank you Sequoia Stamp Club! This great membership has allowed me to carry the mantle of President for the last two years, largely on the shoulders of others. All of you. I didn’t do a fraction of what was actually (and seemingly) done to administer this club. I’ve tried hard not to let myself get in the way of a robust, smoothly functioning group of involved collectors. I look forward to the coming year. I will remain involved with planning programs, and will participate as a board member. I am also anxious to have a little more time to inspect the silent auction offerings! Good luck to this year’s slate of officers, both old and new.

Craig Butterworth
Christopher J. Palermo
Sequoia Stamp Club President-Elect

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