Larry at a Club Pizza Night

Larry at a Club Pizza Night

We were informed by Linda Williams that her father, Larry Christiansen, suffered cardiac arrest and passed away on Aug. 8, at the age of 93. He was residing at Gordon Manor at the time still in recovery from a fall that had taken place at his home in Redwood City.

Larry joined the Sequoia Stamp Club in 1997 and served as club vice-president in 2000 and 2001. For many years he served as chairman of the set-up committee for PENPEX, always making sure on Friday that the tables and exhibit frames were correctly arranged and on Sunday that everything was put away in timely fashion.

Larry’s collecting interests were listed as U.S., plate blocks, WWII, and topicals. However, his expertise was in the area of Pan American flight covers. Having worked for Pan Am back in the day of the China Clippers, he was our expert on this topic. He gave many presentations over the years on various flights, always illustrated with covers from his extensive collection.

The club is currently in the process of helping Linda dispose of her father’s collection. The remaining items will go on sale at PENPEX 2016 and in a live auction scheduled for the second meeting in

January of 2017. Larry was a very friendly and extremely popular member of the Sequoia Stamp Club. Our condolences go out to Linda and to other family members.

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