Elizabeth Gaddini and her mom were guests at the Sequoia Stamp Club meeting in Redwood City on Tuesday, July 12.  Elizabeth was presented with the newly established Collectors Scholarship, a $500 award to be given annually by the club to a graduate of Sequoia High School who has achieved academic success and also demonstrated an interest in a hobby or activity that has enriched their life.

Elizabeth spoke to club members about her collection of alligators which she has gathered from her overseas travels.  She showed examples of wooden, ceramic, and knitted alligators that hold memories for her of the various parts of the world that she has visited.  Each one is very special to her and they all are reminders for her of the unique cultures from which they originated.  One of the most unique was a beautifully carved alligator from Africa made from Congolese black wood.  Another one showed the vibrant colors and patterns of Mexico.  Elizabeth made many of her overseas trips on missions with her father Gary, who is the lead pastor at Peninsula Covenant Church.

Sequoia Club Vice-President Jim Giacomazzi presented Elizabeth with a topical collection of over fifty alligator stamps that had been donated by members of the club.  Elizabeth plans to attend the University of Georgia in the fall and major in international business.  The Sequoia Stamp Club was founded in 1947 and currently has a membership of 117.

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