Craig Butterworth

Craig Butterworth, 2016 Club President

We have had an exciting few months at the Sequoia Stamp Club.

In June, our very own Kristin Patterson was elected to a position as Trustee of the American Philatelic Research Library with 70% of the vote.

Our annual summer picnic successfully competed with the New York Stamp Show, a Golden State Warriors playoff game, and the California state primary elections. We had about 20 attendees and a great potluck fare, including Asian red bean pudding and German cake.

We can claim two new members who have the national philatelic spotlight:

1) Scott English, Executive Director of the American Philatelic Society became a member through the new policy adopted by the Sequoia Governing Board to grant honorary membership to whomever currently holds the position.

2) Jessica Rodriguex, a young woman who has been selected by the APS as a Young Philatelic Leader Fellow specializing in exhibiting, was voted in as a new member on June 14. We will be interested to see how her year transpires.

Our meetings have been strong and our presentations solid. We have enjoyed learning about EFO’s, Selling on EBay, and the New York International Stamp Show. A recent auction of donated items has added to our financial well-being.

I hope all, like me, are anxious to see what else the future hold for us.

Craig Butterworth, President, Sequoia Stamp Club

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