Craig Butterworth

Craig Butterworth, 2015 Club President

We are truly thriving. We receive a decent return from our auctions – (not to mention the material we can add to our collections).

We accumulate a percentage of profit from each of our auction types: Silent auctions, Member auctions and Live Auctions. The Live Auctions, in particular, have put us in a position of financial security. A lot of this material has been full-on donations.

Two types of individuals need the gratitude of our club for the work they do in this regard. On the one hand are the generous collectors who choose to donate stamps to our club. They provide the material that interests our members, improves our collections, and builds the coffers of Sequoia Stamp Club. Thank you, to all of you.

On the other hand are the tireless people who prepare material for the auctions. Jim Giacomazzi and Severin Morger come to mind – they unfailingly offer stamps at every silent auction. They sort collections and assess valuations prior to every Live Auction. Jim (and his wife Cathy) even hold open houses for lotting and viewing the collections. Jim Mosso has been creating logically-themed circuit books from donated material. The youth volunteers, Preston Chaippa, Leroy Bertsch, Richard Coleman, and Kjell Enander spend time circulating material donated to the youth group.

It seems that some of our members are setting an example our club needs to follow. We have been accumulating due to their generosity. Now is the time to think about how we may give back. I challenge you, our membership, to bring forth some ideas for “spreading the wealth”, as it were. The Governing Board will be examining ways that we can extend to our community the same generosity which we have enjoyed. Please help us act graciously in sharing our good fortune.

Craig Butterworth, Pres.

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