Craig Butterworth

Craig Butterworth, 2015 Club President

I want to thank you all for offering me the opportunity to provide a service to Sequoia Stamp Club! My membership in SSC has allowed me to enhance both my collection and my stamp knowledge in a very short time. In three years of exposure to the stamp collectors I see twice a month, I have improved my knowledge about stamp valuation, desirability, and history more than in thirty-eight years of collecting. I hope to be a part of bringing that enjoyment to others.

I would not be qualified to manage the meetings if it weren’t for the help of those who came before me. Jim Mosso introduced me to the club after a big win at a PENPEX auction. Jim Giacomazzi and Severin Morger came over to take a look at my collection and encourage further participation. Hank Washauer put a vote of confidence in my attendance at CNCSC meetings. Jose Lopez, Mike Donofrio and Gil Goodrich gave me good guidance for my collection. Kristin Patterson has shown me top notch organizational ability. Richard Griffone trusts me with the silent auction accounting. Hank Schoolman even predicted I’d be president in the near future.

My intention is to maintain a program that seems to work. We are financially healthy. We have a good rapport with the Redwood City staff. We have a good sound system with a microphone that allows us all to hear (and which I will use). Importantly, – as I experienced – we continue to be attractive to members. I will do my best to keep the same mix of auctions, programs, and special events. Above all, I will try to convey the enthusiasm and welcome of those who indoctrinated me.— Craig Butterworth


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