Kristin Patterson

Kristin Patterson

Stamp collecting is one of the world’s safest hobbies, if you avoid paper cuts and use proper ventilation when working with watermarking fluid. Stamp collecting does not require that I own a fire or bulletproof jacket, be on my feet all day, have paparazzi wanting my photo, nor drive long distances to enjoy the hobby.

Yet, through stamps, we can visit sites from the distant past, far from our homeland, or difficult to get to by just pulling out our stamp album and taking a moment to examine the little treasures. I have been to Antarctica, to the great Egyptian pyramids, and to the moon without leaving the comforts of my stamp room.

12f0de3dc76e067d21ed85125716e02e9f1e69f0We can see animals from far away countries that are too dangerous to be near or are extinct. In our hands, we can view these animals via a stamp without fear of being attacked. This may be one reason stamp collectors live so long.

Lastly, we do not panic that we will run out of material. In fact most of us would say “we have too much stuff” and yet we are always looking for more. Keep enjoying the hobby and good luck with the hunt.

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