Book Cover of Westpex - the First 50 yearsWritten for the Golden Anniversary of WESTPEX in 2010 this 200 page paperback book by Kristin Patterson tells the story of the WESTPEX Stamp Show from its birth to 2010. Depicted are the people and highlight events of the annual exhibition through the years. Meet the founders who had visions for a premier stamp show on the West Coast. See the original artifacts in full color, namely cachets, programs, and banquet menus. Read about the six chairman who have steered this program, the more than 200 committee people who helped, a similar number of judges, who awarded the exhibit awards, and, of course, all the WESTPEX Grand Award winners and their exhibits. Learn about the goal of WESTPEX to encourage the hobby of stamp collecting and philately, its support of a Youth Program and other philatelic organizations, and the challenges in staging a national stamp show.

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