From There to Jim Giacomazzi
By Hank Washauer
Stamp Chatter Editor

Jim Giacomazzi, Managing Editor

Jim Giacomazzi, Managing Editor

About three years ago we lost our Chatter editor Ernie Lee who owned a print shop and who with his skills and professional equipment had been producing an outstanding newsletter for our club. It seemed like dark days for the Chatter until a bright light appeared and a group of people assembled together and pledged to keep the newsletter alive. They pledged to make the newsletter something of which the club could be proud with a goal for an online edition with copies sent to the members via the internet. One person took charge of the learning experience and guided us to where we are today, recipient of a prestigious award from the APS Newsletter competition. That man is JIM GIACOMAZZI., our Managing Editor. We have progressed from no award to Silver and now to Vermeil as judged by the APS accredited judges and with their suggestions we intend to keep improving.

Thanks, Jim. We could not have done it without you.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the success of the Chatter:

President Hank Shoolman
Editor Hank Washauer
Managing Editor Jim Giacomazzi
Production/Art Miriam Thurston
Photographer Ken Perkins
Printing Darlene Hickok
Distribution Paul Swierstra
Webmaster Ed Bierman

Feature Writers Marsha Brandsdorfer PENPEX Caboose Kristin Patterson, Edward Waters Craig Butterworth and Werner Sepper

The Stamp Chatter is published quarterly by the Sequoia Stamp Club.

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