washingtonstamp2As most of you know, our Sequoia Club is organized as a 501c7 under the Internal Revenue Code. What does that mean? It means that we are both a “hobby club” and a “social club” for our 120+ members.

As a Governor of your management team my goals are “members first!” and increasing philatelic exchange among Sequoians. Three social club affairs are obvious: the picnic, pizza party and Christmas Party. There are other social/ hobby functions as well: Swap Meets where Sequoians can “haggle” over stamp prices; Members’ Live Auctions where many a bargain can be scooped up; educational philatelic programs for all levels of collectors; our almost unique Youth Group which both furthers philately among youngsters and puts adults with children.

We are also the sponsor of PENPEX an organization utilizing the services of 40+ members. As our members get to know and trust their fellow Sequoians through socialization, many are buying and selling parts or entire collections to one another! It is an honor and privilege to be part of such a dynamic Club. May God bless Sequoia, its members and the United States of America.

Hank Shoolman, President of Sequoia, Co-Chair of the Youth Group and PENPEX Board member.

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