By: Werner Semper

The British Post office issued several issues with the “Machin” portrait, as well as several other stamps, to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth’s II reign.

The miniature sheet has five different stamps, all valid for postage, with the Queen’s portrait as it was used over the years on monetized documents.

The miniature sheet has five different stamps.

The miniature sheet has five different stamps.

From left to right: Stamp portrait by Dorothy Wilding, Banknote portrait by Robert Austin, Banknote portrait by Harry Eccleston. Coinage portrait by Mary Gillick Coinage and stamp portrait by Arnold Machin.

Stamps for the 1st and Large 1st service Non Value Indicator (NVI) with a new turquoise color and with “DIAMOND JUBILEE” security overprints were issued. No date code is embedded in the overprints but source codes were used. (None, T, B, C, S and P for 1st stamps; None, B, and F for the Large 1st)

DIAMOND stamps  DIAMOND stamps

Booklets with Jubilee Machin stamps were also issued:

1. One prestige Booklet containing one 3 x 3 pane with 4 Jubilee, 4 Wilding portrait se- tenant stamps and one label in addition to other commemorative stamps throughout the booklet.

2. Two different booklets with 4 Jubilee 1st and two other commemorative stamps.

3. Different booklets with 6 and 12 1st and 4 Large 1st stamps.

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