“The only thing that’s permanent is change”. I regret to inform you that two of our members will no longer attend a Sequoia meeting. Gil Goodrich passed on 30 May and Charlie Rogers is in declining health. Both were typical of Sequoia’s strength and attraction to philatelists.

What is it that makes us special and almost unique among stamp organizations? In my mind we have three (3) things going for us:

l. Our PENPEX Committee sponsors its own stamp show which exposes us to favorable press and comment far and wide;

2. Our Youth Committee is second to none in its quest to further the hobby among the next generation; and,

3. Our Silent (and other) Auctions are a Mecca for stamp collectors wishing to complement their holdings at bargain basement prices. I am proud to be part of a growing organization such as ours.

Hank Shoolman, Board Member (PENPEX), Co Chair (Youth) and President of Sequoia. May G-d bless our Club and the United States of America!

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