Ed Bierman

Ed Bierman, Webmaster for PENPEX and Sequoia Stamp Club

In this months eBlast, I was asked to give you a bit of history of our website and some information about myself, Ed Bierman, the webmaster for the group.

I’ve been a member of the Sequoia Stamp Club since 1999.  I started out collecting stamps of the Marshall Islands but now spend most of my time looking for old postcards, especially the Cliff House in San Francisco.  I work as a profession webmaster for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Mills-Peninsula Health Services.

The website, penpex.org, I believe I set up in 2000 to promote the show and stamp club on the Web.  It was also a place to get a nice color version of the newsletter, The Chatter.  The site still has a lot of historical information and images from the past 13 years.  If you look under the archive of the PENPEX show you will find my images and documents such as  programs and cachets from the past.

Our site stayed pretty  “traditional” with static pages of information until about 2 years ago when I went to our current WordPress blog format.  Along with all the traditional webpages about the PENPEX and the Sequoia Stamp club, I now post blog articles 3-4 times a month on various topics around stamp collecting.  Most of the post are interesting videos about collecting or information about past stamp issues that I find on the web.  I also publish individual stories out of The Chatter.

I’m always looking for articles from members.  Kristin Patterson posted a whole series of articles on the history of PENPEX stamp show. I would really love to have other authors share their knowledge on the site and you can do that by emailing me.

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