Girl Scout CachetBy Hank Shoolman, Co-Chair….

One of my greatest pleasures on the Youth Committee is watching parent and child bond philatelically at PENPEX. This year, the average time of those I observed was 2 ½ hours each, so much more educational than watching violent videos! Going into 2013, we have 45 members (none having “aged out” in 2012). The Boy Scouts thronged our room with 39 and prior members. Darlene Hickok, Co-Chair had numerous stamp projects for the mothers/fathers who brought children, whether or not they enrolled.

Her Philatelic Educational Programs (PEP’s) serve an example for other stamp clubs to engage the young who represent the future of the hobby. Hope you all had wonderful Holiday Seasons. The Youth Committee will be meeting in January to schedule the 2013 program and get the first mailing ready to go. Renewal notices will be included in the package.

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