PENPEX frame setup

Helpers at PENPEX setting up exhibits

Past President’s Message:
This is my final message as Sequoia Stamp Club president. I will bepassing the leadership torch to our newly elected President Hank Shoolman,but I will continue my duties with publicity, donations/sales, and publication of the Chatter newsletter. I want to thank my fellow officers and all Sequoia Club members for their support throughout my two years as president. We have accomplished a lot, including expanding membership and maintaining a solid financial base. We have had excellent programs, exciting stamp auctions, and lively social events, highlighted by our 65th anniversary party. The Sequoia Stamp Club is fortunate to have both older members who provide valuable experience and newer members who bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas. With everyone working together for the good of the club, I anticipate that our club will continue to thrive in the years ahead.

Incoming President’s Message:
It is with great hope and optimism that I welcome Vice President Steve Sexton, the remaining Governing Board and members to Sequoia-2013. 2012 saw an increase in membership of the Club, more Youths, the modernization of our bylaws and a good stamp show (PENPEX) despite inclement weather.
My goal is two-fold: Growth of the Club and More Money in Members’ Pockets! As VP, for two years I just listened while Treasurer Richard Griffone exhorted us to spend more, but nothing was done directly for Sequoia or Sequoians. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the talk is ceasing and action is commencing January 8 at our first meeting. I hope one and all had a fine and safe Holiday Season. Remember: Every day is a gift. Use it wisely!

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