President’s Message: In the February issue of the APS journal, President Wade Saadi talked about an ad that was printed by the American Philatelic Association over 100 years ago. In an effort to attract new members, it asked the following question:

“Are you a member of the APA? If not you ought to be.”

Then it listed 12 reasons that you should join. This year the Sequoia Stamp Club (SSC) reaches our 65th anniversary and I can easily count 12 reasons why it is beneficial to be a member of our organization.

1st – Belonging to a local philatelic club is as important as belonging to a national association. Remember the current phrase, “Think global, act local.”

2nd – The Sequoia Stamp Club is a legally incorporated, non-profit mutual benefit corporation with the specific purpose to encourage and promote stamp collecting.

3rd – Belonging to SSC gives you standing in the stamp collecting community and offers opportunities to network with collectors of similar interests.

4th – SSC is one of the largest stamp clubs in the SF Bay Area with over 115 members and has a positive reputation built over 65 years of operation.

5th – It has both a newsletter, The Chatter, and a website to keep members informed of local stamp collecting events and activities.

6th – The club offers trading opportunities, sales books, and both live and silent auctions which enable members to add to their collections or dispose of duplicate material.

7th – The SSC promotes youth philately through its Stamps R Us youth program with mailings and activities for beginning collectors.

8th – The Sequoia Stamp Club sponsors PENPEX, our annual stamp show held the first weekend in December with a special cachet, exhibits, stamp dealers, seminars, youth activities, a silent auction, and much more.

9th – Meetings are held twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 at the Community Building in Redwood City offering interesting programs and refreshments are always served.

10th – Since the Sequoia Stamp Club is a social organization, we make it a priority to have special events such as an annual summer picnic, a pizza party, and a holiday fest at the end of each year.

11th – Members may use the club library to do research on stamps in specialized reference books, keep up with stamp news from stamp periodicals, or check out current Scott catalogs for home use.

12th – Finally, all of the above benefits are available by simply filling out an application card and paying a ridiculously low membership fee of $3.00 per year. Guests are always welcome at our meetings. Sign up or renew your membership today.

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