The only lost Pony Express letter ever lost to Indians in 1860.

From Ed Bierman, PENPEX & Sequoia Club Webmaster

Dear Stamp Collectors,

I was asked to share with you this month a little about our website and encourage you to check it out.  Each month we have around 230 unique visitors to our site with about a thousand page views.  The most popular page on our site is the calendar as people check out what our schedule is going to be in the coming months.

Another popular page is our list of stamp dealers at PENPEX —  dealers at our show each year remain on our dealers’ page for the year after the show.

Our site is built as a BLOG, which is just another type of website.   A blog’s home page is set up like a magazine that features a series of  articles in chronological order that also lets readers make comments on things they have read.   You can participate in our site by leaving comments.

Each month, other editors and myself include articles about stamp issues, stamp collecting videos on YouTube, a history of PENPEX, words from the Sequoia Club President, information on our youth clubinteresting collecting websitesas well as many other topics.

And of course you can learn everything you need to know about PENPEX 2012:

Please take a look and share it with friends.


Ed Bierman
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