Dear Sequoia members and friends:

The vote on the changes to our by-laws is scheduled to be held at the regular Sequoia Stamp Club meeting on February 28. If passed, the new rules will bring about a major change in the manner in which our Governing Board members are selected. In the past, two individuals were appointed by the club president to serve on the executive board as members at large along with the elected and appointed officers. Under the new system, the club members will elect three members at large to join the four elected officers to make up the newly revised Governing Board. The by-laws revision committee felt strongly that these changes were necessary in order to create a governing body that was more efficient and more responsive to club members.

In the event that the vote on the changes to the by-laws is favorable, a special election has been scheduled for that same evening for the election of the new Governing Board members. The nominations committee has met and selected six club members to be placed on the ballot to vie for the three positions. They will be announced at the meeting on February 14 and nominations will also be taken from the floor. The nomination committee feels strongly that all candidates need to understand the responsibilities of the job, meet the basic requirements of the position, and express a willingness to accept the nomination.

This election may prove to be very instrumental to the future operation of our club and members need to be very thoughtful in carrying out their voting responsibility. There will be some very important decisions to be made this year, and the Governing Board members will be resolving very important financial and legal matters. We will need leaders who are experienced and are familiar with the operation of the club who can communicate and work well together to oversee club activities. This is one of the first elections in the history of the Sequoia Stamp Club that I can recall where members had a real choice in their selection of leadership. Use your votes wisely!

The Sequoia Stamp Club offers much for local collectors from auctions, presentations, local news, and question answering opportunities. Included in this monthly news eBlast are the upcoming Sequoia Stamp Club activities and area stamp shows.

2012 Schedule:

  • February 14 – The Story of the U. S. Playing Card Company – Kristin Patterson (mtg until 9:30 pm)

  • February 28 – Cover Sale – Jim Giacomazzi [6:30 pm Executive Board Meeting]

  • March 13 – Swap Meet – Gil Goodrich

  • March 27 – Mail Service with Strings Attached – Ed Rodriguez

Look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting.
Jim Giacomazzi, Sequoia Chair,

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested in attending a Sequoia Stamp Club meeting.

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