5 cent Johnny Appleseed StampThere is a great resource site for any U.S. stamp on the Smithsonian Stamp Museum Website… browse or search for information about any stamp printed in the U.S. as well as other philatelic items.

If you register, you can create a personal collection of stamps.  Very cool resource for someone studying the history of a particular issue.

Here is an interesting one:

“This 5-cent stamp, the first in the American Folklore Series, was issued on September 24, 1966, at Leominster, Massachusetts, the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman, 1774-1845). Chapman reportedly roamed over 100,000 square miles planting apple trees.

Designed by Robert Bode of New York City, the stamp was issued in panes of fifty stamps each and printed on the Giori press. It was authorized for an initial printing of 117 million.”

Take a look

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