President’s Message:

Included with this edition of the Stamp Chatter, you will find a copy of the Sequoia Club by-laws with some proposed changes. These changes were recommended by the recently formed by-laws revision committee made up of Hank Shoolman (chair), Henry Washauer, Ed Rodriguez, Gil Goodrich, and myself. The revisions to the by-laws suggested by the committee were unanimously endorsed by the Sequoia Club Executive Committee at their November meeting.

The major revision involves changes in the make-up of the Executive Committee. The current body is made up of the four elected officers, two directors at large, a librarian, a sales manager, an auditor, and the chairmen of the program and membership committees. This creates an eleven person executive board where the majority of the members are appointed by the president.

The original by-laws were written when the club was first established. In 1989, the club applied for and was granted corporate status, and was designated as Sequoia Stamp Club, Inc. The revisions to the by-laws that are currently being recommended will allow the club to be run more efficiently and more like other corporate bodies.

The proposed changes in the new by-laws reestablishes the Executive Committee into a more effective Governing Board. The new Board will be a seven-member body made up of the four elected club officers and three elected directors at large. The reduced number on the Board will make it more efficient, and the fact that all members will be elected by the club membership will make it more democratic. The appointed officers and standing committee chairs that are appointed by the president will not be Governing Board members, but will make regular reports to the Board to assist in the decision making process. Governing Board meetings are to be open meetings with all members having the right to attend.

Please read over the proposed changes carefully. At our regular meeting on February 28, a discussion and vote by the membership will be held on the amended by-laws. If the proposed changes pass by a two-thirds vote of the members present, the changes can go into effect. A special election will later be held to select the three directors at large who will join our elected officers to make up our new Governing Board. The by-laws revision committee has put forth much thought and effort to come up with their recommendations. The current Executive Committee and the newly elected officers both recommend an affirmative vote on the proposed changes. Please help us in our effort to establish a better foundation for our club in order to make it more effective and more responsive to its members.

Jim Giacomazzi
Sequoia Stamp Club

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