1976 Newspaper Photo of Charmion Woolfe

On December 4-5, 1976, the Peninsula Chapter – Society of Israel Philatelists, Sequoia Stamp Club, and the Redwood City Recreation Department sponsored PENPEX-PIPEX with Chairs Edward G. Rosen and Charmion G. Woolfe.

Fifty-nine frames of 12 pages each filled the Redwood City Community Activity Building. There were three judges at the show: Cyrus R. Thompson, James E. Jefferson, and apprentice Dr. Leopold Dickstein.

The show had 20 dealers along with Charmion Woolfe who was the proprietor of the only woman-owned California stamp firm. Her Belmont firm was called C & D Stamps after the first initials of her name and husband, San Mateo County Planning Director David Woolfe.

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