1962 Redwood City Tribune Photo

With the new venue, Veterans Memorial Building at 1455 Madison Avenue, Redwood City, PENPEX held its fourth show on November 17-18, 1962 with the same show hours as previously. The officers were Chair Cyrus R. Thompson, Secretary Josephine B. Thompson, and Treasurer LaVerne Schnur. The four sponsoring clubs were the Palo Alto Philatelic Society, Palo-Menlo Stamp Society, Peninsula Stamp Club, and Sequoia Stamp Club

For the third annual show, PENPEX created red and blue cachets with a shaded outline of the state of California. The show cachets sold for 20¢ each

A special auction was held at 6 pm on Saturday. The exhibit floor had 200 exhibit frames of 4 pages each.

Written by Warren Groshong in the article “Philatelists Flock In” in the Redwood City Tribune, “Some of them came to see the stamp exhibit, but 50% of them came because there are a lot of dealers in one place. Whatever the reason, 1,000 people turned out over the weekend to see the Northern California Philatelic Society exhibit at the Veterans Memorial Building.

Cyrus Thompson’s claim that half of them came to check over the dealers’ wares seemed pretty well-founded. However, to the casual observer the exhibit was the thing.” The above photo was included in the article.

A complete History of PENPEX exhibit will be on display at PENPEX 2011 on December 3 and 4 at the Community Activity Building, 1400 Roosevelt Avenue, Redwood City. The stamp show is free and open to the public.

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