1913 2¢ Panama-Pacific Exposition Commemorative

1913 2¢ Panama-Pacific Exposition Commemorative

Continuing the celebration of 100 years since the publishing of the Panama-Pacific Exposition stamp commemorative is the .02 stamp from that series.

Issue Date: January 1913
Quantity issued: 503,713,086
Printed by: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Method: Flat plate
Watermark: Single line
Perforation: 12
Color: Carmine

The 2-cent stamp pictures the Pedro Miguel Locks, Panama Canal.    Due to a postal error, the 2-cent was released later than the original set.  The original showed the Pedro Miguel locks but had been labeled Gatun Locks. These stamps were recalled and destroyed, though a few valuable proofs remain as evidence that this mistake was made. The
stamps were re-printed with the generic label “Panama Canal”.

There is a nice history of this by Michael Casper / Clifford Blizard

Here is a short clip of what the lock looks like today

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