Kristin Patterson, PENPEX Chairperson

Kristin Patterson, PENPEX Chairperson

PENPEX 2017 will be Kristin Patterson’s twelfth year as chair. She oversees the smooth running of the show and has done a terrific job. Kristin manages the coordination with the Redwood City Community Activity Building where the show has been held for over 30 years. She coordinated the 17 dealers that the show is delighted to have. Starting in May of each year, Kristin writes the dealer contracts, mails them out, and collects the moneys.

Kristin can be found at the show on Friday night for setup, helping to assemble the tables and place exhibits in their frames. During the show, she is busy making dealer lunches which PENPEX includes as part of the table fee. She then delivers the handmade sandwiches to the dealers and judges. On Sunday, she is a critical element in closing the 550 lot silent auction, as the software program she programmed allows PENPEX to enter all bids and quickly calculates each bidder’s totals and list of sold lots. This has allowed PENPEX bidders to pick up their winning lots within one and half hours of the auction close.

Craig Butterworth is serving his fifth year as PENPEX Vice-Chairman. Craig will oversee the show on one of the two days.

David Abrahams is PENPEX 2017 Secretary. David oversees the PENPEX welcome table. He presents a knowledgeable and friendly face to all people entering the PENPEX Stamp Show.

Eduardo Martino is serving his eight year as the PENPEX treasurer. Eduardo has been a crucial PENPEX member as the Setup and Takedown Chair. He has for the past 9 years managed the show setup on Friday and takedown on Sunday. His responsibilities include setting up of 120 tables, 60 exhibit frames, and hanging of the PENPEX sign.

Kjell Enander is an all around PENPEX helper. He is active with the Youth Area, purchasing food for the snack bar, coordinating the snack bar on one of the show days, and helping to setup and take down the show.

Jim Giacommazzi has been active with PENPEX for many years including past Secretary, snack bar food purchaser, and setup and takedown helper. He oversees show publicity and is doing a great job as people come from all over the Bay Area. He will also be overseeing the show on one of the days.

Jim Mosso is the longest PENPEX volunteer on the board. He has been organizing the PENPEX silent auction since 1989. His secret to a successful auction is to have all auction lots properly identified and priced to sell.

Stephen Sexton is Awards Banquet Chair. This is the best banquet deal around. To reserve a banquet ticket, visit our Awards Banquet webpage.

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